20 тениски, които ще ви поддържат уютни и стилни през есента

20 тениски, които ще ви поддържат уютни и стилни през есента

Why Wear a T-Shirt in Fall?

T-shirts are a simple and basic way to show some style and personality. Autumn is the season from summer to winter, and it’ll be cozy and warm, so why not wear a t-shirt to match with those plain ol’ jeans? Simple and warm! So here’s a list of the best t-shirts to wear to stay cozy and stylish during the fall season.

1. “I’m A Survivor” Fight Breast Cancer Shirt

If you’re a fighter and survivor of cancer, тази риза is perfect, and can showcase to everyone that you’re a strong and awesome woman!

2. “W.I.N.O.S.” Women In Need Of Sanity Shirt

Love wine drinking? Тази риза is for you! Show people how fine your taste is, and show that you’re not sane - in a good way! Match this shirt with a cute skirt or a pair of jeans.

3. “I Am Melissa | I May Not Be Perfect But I’m Limited Edition” Shirt

Are you a “Melissa who isn’t perfect but is limited edition”? If yes, we have the perfect, and I mean PERFECT shirt for you! Тази риза says it all.

4. “Art Is Infinite Space; Space Is Infinite Art” Shirt

Are you the artistic type? Are you a bit of an astronomer? If yes is your answer to both or even one of these questions, тази риза is perfect for you to show off YOU!

5. “A Woman’s Place Is In The House And The Senate” Shirt

If you’re sort of a feminist or a gender rights advocate, тази риза could be just right for you. Just pair ‘em with an ol’ set of jeans, then boom! Cozy n’ stylish!

6. Glitter High Heels Shirt



Love your heels? We’ve got ya! Тази риза is simple and stylish, it’s perfect for you! Bonus: glitter!

7. “Chakra” Shirt

Show your chakra (inner energy) with this fashionable t-shirt! Show your power!

8. “STEMinist” Shirt

Are you a STEM teacher? Тази риза is the best way to show that you are a PROUD STEM teacher! You just love STEM, don’t ya?

9. “Chakra” Shirt (Design 2!)'

If that other chakra shirt didn’t suit your taste, I bet този does! This one has more of a galaxy-like design and color, so it’d be wonderful!

10. “I Heart Nursing” Shirt

Are you a nurse, and love what you do? Тази риза says it all for you! Stay proud, hard workers!

11. “Pumpkin, Spice, And Everything Nice” Shirt

Pumpkin season is here! Do you love pumpkins? ‘Cause I sure do, especially pumpkin soup! Get тази риза to show your love for this yummy veggie!

12. “Thankful” Shirt

Thanksgiving is near! Show your friend, family, and everyone else who sees тази риза just how grateful you are to everything given to you!

13. “Thankful; Grateful And Blessed” Pumpkin Shirt

Тази риза is sort of a combination from shirts #11 and #12! To show gratefulness and your pumpkin love! Another thanksgiving shirt for you that is best to show how thankful and blessed you are!

14. Fall Leaf Shirt

Of course, we’ve gotta have a shirt that has the famous “autumn leaf”! Such a simple and classy design that’s just a good shirt to wear on a regular fall day.

15. Риза „Просто добра мама с плейлист с качулка“

Do you respect the commish? Then show it! With тази тениска. Another shirt that goes with just about anything

16. “Happy Thanksgiving” Turkey Shirt

Погледни this super goofy shirt! Greet everyone you meet with a quirky shirt with a query turkey. 

17. “Hello Fall” Shirt

What better way to welcome fall than to wear a shirt that literally says “hello fall”, right? It's a pretty design, that’s minimalistic, yet detailed.

18. “Tree Hugger” Shirt

Мисля, че тази риза says it all… I love trees too by the way… 

19. “Social Distancing Expert; Good At Watching Netflix; Lots of Zoom Calls; And WTF” Shirt

Umm… Yeah, I don't think there’s a need for explaining тази риза since yet again, it says everything about it itself.

20. “Girl, You Have No Idea How Strong You Are” Shirt

Empower the women around you with тази риза! Stay strong and keep on fighting, my fellow people!

Ready to Get Cozy n’ Stylish?

Picking the right t-shirts can be quite tricky, but this list is quite helpful, and will definitely make you cozy n’ stylish for fall! And as always, express your energetic balance in style, shop your needs and wants Plus Minus Co.! 


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